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We are starting a middle school beginning with 6th grade for the 24/25 school year.: Apply now!
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Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Mission

Emmanuel Christian School provides a Christ-Centered education equipping students with the truth for Christian living; cultivating a clarity of faith, the confidence to stand, and the courage to act.

Our Vision

Develop a distinctive model of Christian learning that will impact students, families, the Church and the world.

Our Values

ECS values …

  • Proclaiming the lordship of Christ over all of life and learning
  • Pursuing an education on the foundation of scripture, engaging the mind, heart and life
  • Partnering with families and the church to restore God’s mandate for educating future generations
  • Promoting a culture of excellence, honor, integrity, freedom and responsibility
  • Providing a safe environment of creativity, care, collaboration and compassion
  • Progressing towards an outcome of learning, leadership and love
Our Students

We will serve students in Kindergarten through 6th grade.

Our Philosophy of Education

Nature of God

God, being creative, communicative, and communal, intends for his ultimate creation, humankind to follow in that model. God created humanity to live in community with Him, learn from Him and be creative. He teaches who he is through His spoken Word, His creation and most clearly through Jesus (Hebrews 1:1-3). God is perfect and distinct in his character, yet establishes a way for imperfect people to connect and communicate with Him through the redemptive work of Jesus.

Nature of the Learner

Human beings are image bearers of God, designed by God to be curious, creative, communicative and collaborative. The curiosity of learning should be cultivated for the ultimate purpose of helping students understand God in Scripture, creation , and His nature. As students ask questions, discover and understand the world around them, a love of learning is cultivated. Children are fallen creatures who require grace, mercy and consistent loving training throughout their lives.

Nature of the Teacher

Teachers are image bearers of God who are also fallen creatures. Teachers must be lifelong learners who display the curiosity, creativity, communication and collaborative skills with which they were created. Teachers are facilitators of the learning process whose love for learning is contagious inside and outside the classroom. Teachers acknowledge their limitations and weaknesses, while modeling the nature and purpose of God toward their students.

Nature of the Environment

The learning environment within the ECS community is marked by curiosity, creativity and collaboration. These characteristics are displayed with honor and respect toward every individual. ECS provides intellectual, emotional, and physical safety while encouraging the passionate pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. All learners, both teachers and students, will communicate kindly and respectfully, listen often and intently, and work diligently and honestly while enjoying the beauty of the process and the outcome.