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Homeschool Resource Center: Registration for spring classes is open now until Jan. 3rd. Grades 6th -12th: Click here to find out more.
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Fees & Payments

Fees / Payment

  • $50 annual registration fee per student (due at registration of the new school year)
  • $225 class fee per semester for Core Classes ($50 deposit due at registration)
  • $175 class fee per semester for Elective Classes ($50 deposit due at registration)
  • Additional Art and Science class supply/lab fees (if applicable; noted on course descriptions)
  • Students are responsible for purchasing (or borrowing) the required texts/workbooks for each class
  • Families will be invoiced approximately one month before classes begin with all fees due one week before the start of class. Deposits and discounts will be applied to the balance and reflected on the invoice. Full payment is due in order to attend the first class.