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We are starting a middle school beginning with 6th grade for the 24/25 school year.: Apply now!
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How does it work?


  1. All classes are a full year (two semesters), unless otherwise noted above with an (*).
  2. Each class meets one time a week on either a Wednesday or Thursday. Teachers will assign coursework to be completed at home the other days of the week, and will be available for questions as needed.
  3. Coursework will be graded by teachers and students will receive a grade at the end of each semester.
  4. High school students who complete assigned coursework will earn equivalent to 1 transcript credit per semester. (Note: Although guidance is available through the Homeschool Resource Center, complete transcripts are each family’s responsibility as homeschoolers are presumably taking classes from multiple sources.)
  5. Classes are a la carte. Your student may register for as many or as few classes as needed.
  6. For the safety of everyone, only registered students, staff, and approved volunteers may be in the building during school hours.
  7. Plan to drop off your student and pick them up within the 10 minute passing period between classes. Students will enter and exit Door #1. Doors open to students at 8am. Students will need to be picked up promptly after their last class or register for a free study session (see note below).
  8. A free monitored study hall is available to all registered students. If your student is taking multiple classes that are not back-to-back, they must register for the study room. At no point can a student be in the building and not in either the study room or a classroom.
  9. There is a 30 minute lunch break in between the morning and afternoon sessions on Wednesdays. If your student will be in the building during this time, please select "lunch" on the registration form and have them bring a packed lunch each week.