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What is 1st Grade Up To?

Science lesson

First graders are becoming great readers! We learn phonics rules and practice our fluency with decodable books. We also memorize poems, mostly about the seasons and holidays. The longest poem we memorized was "Thanksgiving Day." In addition, we are learning how to read a source text and create a key word outline. From our outline, we retell the passage and write our own paragraph. This week we are having some fantasy fun and writing about elves. We use our spelling hand to tap out the sounds in words. We are building stamina and getting good at writing! In science we love learning about the animals that God created. This month we focused on birds and fish. They have unique body parts that help them move and stay alive. In Bible, we have learned about three character traits: obedience, reverence, and loyalty. Loyalty is a promise made in my heart to be a true friend at all times. We are practicing being good friends by using kind words and actions and being good listeners.

Update by: Mrs. Emrick

1st Grade Teacher