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School Choice (Voucher)

What are vouchers & how do I apply?

Emmanuel Christian School participates in the School Choice program for the State of Indiana, commonly known as the voucher program for grades K-5. This program provides scholarships (vouchers) to eligible K-5 students by utilizing a portion of the state funds allocated for that child to follow them to the non-public school of their choice.

The 2023-24 New Student Online Application process is available now. Once you have enrolled your child, we will reach out and ask you to fill out paperwork from the state. Once we submit that, it will show up on your payment amount due. Click here to find out what is needed to apply.

Tuition Cost for the 2023/2024 School year
Voucher info for website
Income limit for voucher qualification
Voucher amounts
Each school district gets awarded different amounts determined by the State of Education. Please note, Kindergarteners DO qualify for voucher as of July 1st, 2023!