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We are starting a middle school beginning with 6th grade for the 24/25 school year.: Apply now!
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Teacher's Assistant

Teacher's Assistant

Total Job Openings: 4

Job Start Date: July 29, 2024

Employment Type: 10- month

Employment Unit: Emmanuel Christian School of Fort Wayne

Job Location: 12222 US Hwy 24 W, Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Work Hours: 7:30am -3:15pm

Employer Overview

We are seeking a dynamic and compassionate Teacher's Assistant to join our Emmanuel Christian school community. The Teacher's Assistant will work collaboratively with classroom teachers to support the educational and developmental needs of students. This role provides a valuable opportunity to contribute to the positive learning experiences of our students and assist in creating an enriching environment.

Application Contact

Email: [email protected]

Hours Available: Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4 pm

Telephone: 260-672-0042

Industry: Education

Job Benefits

$25,000 - $29,000
10-month position

Applicant Location Requirements

Candidates for this position will be carefully and prayerfully evaluated according to the following criteria:

Personal mission, vision, doctrines, and educational philosophy align with ECS's.

Possession of a thriving relationship with Jesus and desire to share that relationship with his or her students.

An embodiment of the qualities needed to be part of a vibrant and flourishing team and school culture.

A passion to help students learn and grow.

Education Requirements

High school diploma or equivalent; some college coursework in education is a plus.

Previous experience working with children in an educational or childcare setting.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Patience, flexibility, and a positive attitude.
Commitment to upholding Christian values and contributing to a nurturing school environment.


Contribute to the positive learning experiences of our students and assist in creating an enriching environment.

-Classroom Support:
-Assist the classroom teacher in implementing lesson plans and engaging activities.
-Work with individual students or small groups to reinforce learning concepts.

Student Supervision:
-Monitor students during various activities, ensuring a safe and respectful environment.
-Assist with transitions between activities and maintain classroom order.

Resource Preparation:
-Prepare and organize instructional materials, ensuring they are ready for use in lessons.
-Support the teacher in setting up and maintaining an effective learning environment.

Assessment Assistance:
-Assist in administering assessments and documenting student progress.
-Provide feedback to the teacher on student performance and behavior.

Behavioral Support:
-Implement positive behavior management strategies to encourage a supportive classroom culture.
-Foster a caring and inclusive environment for all students.

Individualized Attention:
-Work closely with students who may require additional support due to learning differences or challenges.
-Collaborate with the teacher to implement accommodations and

Parent Communication:
-Support communication with parents, providing updates on student activities and progress.
-Assist in organizing and participating in parent-teacher conferences.

Collaboration with Teachers:
-Collaborate with classroom teachers to plan and execute engaging lessons.
-Participate in team meetings and contribute insights to enhance teaching strategies.

Security Clearance Requirement

Background check